Bus users are left high and dry as strike goes on

You know the adage-- you don't know what you have until it's gone. In this case, riders on the Milwaukee County Transit System are learning that first hand with the bus strike.

Bobby Bush, a bus rider says, \"Today I had to walk because I have to pay my rent otherwise I'll be sleeping in this bus stop.\"

The bus strike has made Bobby Bush's ability to get around, painful, literally. He has a disability.

Bobby Bush, a bus rider says, \"I had to walk from here to the us bank on wisconsin but i only have one leg so i really needed the bus.

He wasn't alone. Across the bench Andrew Smaxwill walked ten miles to get to his doctor's appointments and also had to miss work.

Andrew Smaxwill says, \"I had a doctor's appointment because I have an condition where I have to get my meds once a month. We had to walk to the doctors appointment and now back home because there is no way to get around.\"

But it isn't just people trying to get to the doctor, but people in the hospital depending on their loved ones who take the bus. This man couldn't get to someone waiting for him in the hospital.

Michael Sego says, \"Since the buses aren't running I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow or when they're back up and running.\"

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