Bus driver shortage in Hartford forces cuts to routes

NOW: Bus driver shortage in Hartford forces cuts to routes

HARTFORD, WI (CBS 58) – A bus driver shortage is forcing parents to scramble to find a ride for some students in the Hartford school district.

A sign on the front door of Wittenberger Bus Service says drivers are wanted. That same message has been posted on Facebook and the company’s website.

The first day for classes in Hartford for many students is September 3rd, and if they live within two miles of the school, taking the bus won’t be an option.

“Last year we paid to get her bussed to school through the city bus route,” says Tricia Hoehn, who has a child at Hartford Union High School. “So now I learned this year that won’t even be an option.”

A bus driver shortage is forcing Wittenberger Bus Service to cut back on routes.

“I understand why this is concerning for parents and our community as a whole,” says Tracy Hennes, board president of Hartford Union High School.

The bus service posted about the shortage on their Facebook page. One parent learned their child won’t be bussed to school from the post, and is frustrated more wasn’t done to communicate with parents.

“I was a little surprised that that’s the way that I found out about it,” says Hoehn. There wasn’t any sort of communication about that directly. But I feel for the working moms and dads who rely on that transportation.”

In a statement, Hartford Union High School said they encourage staff and parents to consider driving a bus to support the students.

“I do have to give credit to the people who do take on that role,” says Hoehn.

If you would like to help and become a driver, you can contact the Wittenberger office at (262)673-3777.

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