Burlington officials ask residents to stay away from flood areas

NOW: Burlington officials ask residents to stay away from flood areas

More than 24 hours after streets in Burlington were turned into raging rivers, high water still remains.

The National Weather Service says the river crested at 16.15 feet around midnight. That's record breaking flooding in Burlington. Unless additional rain falls, the river is expected to slowly recede and dip below major flood stage of 14 feet by mid-morning on Saturday.

85 National Guard members were called in  and are helping city officials with relief efforts.  

Burlington Police sent out a plea early Thursday morning asking residents to stay away from the water, so crews can assess how to best move forward.

"If you are used to traveling the city of Burlington by crossing the Fox River, you will not be able to," warned Burlington Police Chief Mark Anderson. "Make use of the Burlington bypass."

Additionally, residents in the Bay Ridge subdivision have been asked not to used toilets or sinks as one of the lift (sewage) stations was compromised by flood waters. 

“Many people and organizations have contacted the city to donate goods, food and services to the community.  We are working on creating a process and plan for those requests,” mentioned Mayor Jeannie Hefty. “We will be letting the public know what they can do to help us as soon as we can.”

Anyone who needs assistance can call a non emergency line 262-763-9558.

If you fear for your safety call 9 1 1.

The police chief is imploring folks to stay away from the bridges which are now closed as a precaution.

He's asking the public to respect the barriers and give emergency responders plenty of room to do their work.

"Stay away from any standing water," said the chief. "It is a dangerous, dangerous situation."

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