Bullet holes cover day care doorway on Milwaukee's north side

NOW: Bullet holes cover day care doorway on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A resident on Milwaukee's north side says he's terrified for his family's safety after his home was shot at dozens of times Easter Sunday. 

Milwaukee police are investigating the shots fired incident which occurred at 11:25 a.m. on Sunday, April 17 near 28th and Vine. Police say a subject(s) fired multiple shots into an occupied residence. James Cooper had just moved into the home a few days prior to the incident. He had no idea his life would be in danger shortly after. 

"It got louder and I was like wait...those are gunshots. I heard a car smash off, I looked at the house and there were bullet holes in the house." 

The home is owned by Walt Love, who was shocked to see this type of violent crime happen at one of his properties. 

"I've owned this house for 7-8 years and I've never had an issue like this." 

Police are still searching for the suspects. Now, Cooper says he's scared for his family's safety. 

"I have a little girl, she's four months old, and her day care just got shot up right down the street on 38th and Brown. The bullet went right over her bassinet, right over. She was laying in there. I could have lost my little girl and that hurts me." 

Milwaukee police told CBS 58 they are also investigating that incident. It happened at The Little Warriors Child Care Center. MPD says the shots took place around 2 p.m. on April 12, just days before Cooper's own home was shot at. His daughter was inside the day care when bullets started flying. It's a haunting sight one staff member CBS 58 spoke with says they'll never forget. 

"The glass had hit my back. I thought I was hit because the bullets were coming right by my head. I had a 1-year-old in a high chair at the time and a 4-month-old in a baby carrier. We had to crawl to the back to shield ourselves. I could hear them outside saying, 'let's go, I'm trying to shoot the front of the house up,' and that's when more bullets came through. I'm on the phone with 911 and they're saying be calm. But how can you with bullets coming over your head?" 

Milwaukee police say no one was hurt in that incident but during the investigation, a 28-year-old Milwaukee man was taken into custody for illegal possession of a firearm. Charges were referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for review. After two shots fired incidents in such a short amount of time, neighbors are calling for an end to gun violence. 

"I just feel like people should just put the guns down, honestly," said Cooper. 

"This type of demagoguery got to stop. Our city is being overrun by people who don't feel like the law applies to them. I beg you to help. You see something, say something," said Love. 

Love also called upon every city official to step up and address these violent situations. Love says he invited an array of city officials, but nobody showed up to his press conference about the shots fired incident on April 18. 

He estimates the damage to Cooper's home to cost thousands of dollars. Police continue to search for those responsible for the gunfire. Anyone with any information about either shots fired incident is asked to contact Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360 or to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS or P3 Tips App.

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