Building collapses, tree damage following tornado in Deerfield

NOW: Building collapses, tree damage following tornado in Deerfield

DEERFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A scary situation in Dane County Thursday.

Three people were inside when a tornado tore off the roof of a building.

"We have a few branches in our yard, neighbors have a few across the street and I don't know how far it goes down," said Dennis Wardell, President of Deerfield Fire Department.

The damage from the tornado seems to be confined to a one block radius.

The roof to an industrial welding and manufacturing building is gone but the tornado didn't leave much else in its path because it wasn't there very long.

"Very brief, it came on, popped down, did damage to one building, and then popped back up," said Wardell.

"It was only like 30 seconds and then right away after that the fire department came," said witness Tina Gaustad.

Right next door to the machinery building, Gaustad witnessed the funnel.

"It was pouring and the rain and leaves were spinning and then the trees were bending all sorts of ways. There was a kind of rumbling sound and the house was shaking," Gaustad said. 

The tornado only sent her kayak flying and apples falling from her tree. She's left trembling knowing how bad it could have been, however.

"It's the first time I've been through a tornado and I'm still a little shaky," Gaustad said. 

The gas and electric are shut off at the building without a roof and we're still waiting to hear what the cost of the tornado damage is. 

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