Bucks organization mourns the loss of North Division High School principal

NOW: Bucks organization mourns the loss of North Division High School principal

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks organization is mourning the loss of Keith Carrington, the North Division High School principal who died unexpectedly this week.

While he served as principal, Carrington was also the lead supervisor of event security at Fiserv Forum.

The president of the Bucks called Carrington an integral member of the organization and a valued counsel on community issues.

He said many of the skills that made him a successful principal also helped him earn the respect of some of the most famous athletes in the world.

Bucks President Peter Feigin said, "He was this magnanimous, smart leader who was integral."

Carrington made a positive impact everywhere he went, according to those who knew him best.

Feigin said, "He is a big hulking man who is probably the most empathetic and the most down to earth human that we had dealt with."

Feigin said Carrington was selfless, no surprise considering his day job. He "ran North Division during the day, and really would come in during the night and have another beyond-challenging, incredible management job."

Since 2018 Carrington also ran event security at Fiserv Forum, leading a team of 250 security staffers tasked with keeping the players, coaches and fans safe.

Feigin said, "The way he carries himself among the 15 players, there's about as much respect as you can possibly get."

This week Carrington's wife Tanzanique said his dual roles fit with his desire to effect positive change. She said, "When we initially started dating, Keith had four jobs. He just really believed in the power of work and that ethic."

Carrington died Monday after developing an infection after a surgery.

In a tribute posted on Twitter, the Bucks recognized Carrington's positive impact on thousands of students during his 25-year career.

Feigin said Carrington was intricately involved with the Bucks, helping the organization also make an impact in the community. "He used to encourage me in a very direct way to get involved financially and engage myself into anything and everything they were doing at North Division."

Feigin said he and Carrington talked every game night in the hallways, and admired him for his counsel on community engagement initiatives. "I knew what his day job was. I couldn't believe he could actually function at such a high level."

Feigin said Carrington was exactly the kind of person you'd want running your school or helping raise your kids, adding he had a gentle way about him in a tough environment, empathetic and down to earth.

Feigin said, "It's just crushing that he's no longer with us, because there aren't too many Keith Carringtons."

The Carrington family is looking into holding an upbeat memorial service at North Division High School at a later date.

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