Bucks forward Thon Maker gives up seat on oversold flight

NOW: Bucks forward Thon Maker gives up seat on oversold flight

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Flying can be stressful, and that stress is heightened when a flight is oversold.

It happened to Paul Kuzma Sunday night as he was flying from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

When no one would move, he volunteered to leave his economy plus seat for the very last row, and so did his seatmate, Milwaukee Bucks player Thon Maker. 

Paul, who is originally from LA and doesn’t know much about basketball, took to Facebook to share his story.

“I was just flabbergasted. I said, 'you play in the NBA?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, yeah I do. This is my second year,’” recalls Kuzma. “This guy had no air of entitlement about him whatsoever, and I thought, ‘Wow. What a representative of our up and coming young leaders in our country.’”

Thon paid for a first class seat. He was rebooked to another flight, moved to economy plus, and eventually volunteered to sit in the very last row because the flight was already delayed, and he was anxious to get to LA for practice. 

“He could not even get his knees in the row of seat. He had to put his legs out in the aisle. Throughout the entire flight, every time the cart came by or someone had to go to the restroom, he had to get out of his seat to get out of the way," said Kuzma. And throughout the four hour flight, Kuzma says "he was so calm and cool." 

Kuzma says he has a new appreciation for the Milwaukee Bucks and their young star. 

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