Bucks fans pack downtown Milwaukee bars for NBA Finals Game 6

NOW: Bucks fans pack downtown Milwaukee bars for NBA Finals Game 6

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fans got an early start on Water Street Tuesday.

Bars shut their doors after the lunch hour to get ready for Game 6. When they went to reopen, they found long lines outside.

Fans say if you're not in the Deer District, you've got to get there.

"Just the atmosphere here and a lot of friends come down, so it's nice to see everybody and it's just fun," said Bucks fan Grace Rawson.

"It's great vibes. The city needs this. The economy needs this, so it's great," said fan Torre Williams.

The playoff run is giving bars and restaurant managers extra reason to smile.

"Normal Tuesday nights since this Finals started, it's been really busy. It's been busy for all of us but it's been great for everybody," said Cliff Rackley, security guard at Mojo's.

Cover charges range from $5-10. Seats filled up quickly. One bar made it to capacity in less than an hour. At 4 p.m., the wait extended down the block.

"It's gonna be nice to see for Wisconsin, for a win like this," said Bucks fan Abbey McLain.

"It's been a long drought. It's like a Cub fan, but what are you gonna do?" said fan Bill Kasbohm. 

Milwaukee police shut down Water at State Street shortly after a hit-and-run. Barricades are up, and there are officers on foot patrol. In addition, a wide area remains off limits for parking. 

"It's gonna be a super cool experience and that's why I am not staying home tonight," said Mary Beth Bockhorst.

Comfortable weather Tuesday night, only adding to the experience.

"We came in from Pewaukee and there's a nice breeze blowing, it's an absolutely perfect night for it," said fan Andy Weisman.

"It's not too hot. You got the wind going and everyone in Deer District is just super excited to be together and not sweating and just enjoying the game," said Melissa Arenas.

"Bucks in six" is a thing, for sure. There's already talk about where the Bucks should take their championship parade.

"The parade should find its way through all of those streets. Let as many fans as possible enjoy it," said fan Megan Dewane. 

"I mean this is Milwaukee at its finest, where everybody's happy to be here," said Torre Williams.

"We just want to be part of the crowd, part of the whole atmosphere, you know," said Bucks fan Bar Servin. "We can't miss this, can't miss this. And we have our baby right here, Alicia. Give a shout out for her...Her first Bucks game, yes."

The energy in the crowd is incredible. All day long, people walking around were wearing green and wearing giant smiles -- an amazing comeback from last summer, when we were forced to stay six feet apart.

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