Bucks fans cheer on team from newly-made overflow area in former Bradley Center lot

NOW: Bucks fans cheer on team from newly-made overflow area in former Bradley Center lot

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks created an overflow area for Wednesday night's game in the former Bradley Center lot, and some fans at the Deer District opted in for a less crowded area.

It may have been less crowded in the overflow area, but fans were cheering just as hard when the Bucks made a basket.

"Yeah, I enjoy it," said fan Marina Chavez. "It's nice to not be super close to everybody so you get some space."

"We needed it a long time ago," added fan Von Jackson.

Some fans say Game 7 at the Deer District was just too busy for them and the overflow area gives them more of an opportunity to spread out and have some fun.

"We were here for Game 7 and it was pretty crazy. So much more room, feels a little bit like -- it's gonna be a lot more fun," said Bucks fan Tyler Lloyd. 

"It just controls the crowd I think a little bit better," said fan Eric Krause. "It was definitely crazy, Game 7, so I like to see a little more under control."

The overflow area occupied the Bucks' old stomping grounds, the former Bradley Center, giving fans a little nostalgia as they watched the game.

"It's kind of bittersweet cause I grew up going there, but it's been tough being a fan, you know, just holding on and being a true fan," said Lloyd. "But like, this is where it's at, you know."

"Definitely weird feeling being right here," said Krause. "I came to a lot of games as a child, even Wave games, the soccer team."

Whether in overflow or not, fans say the best part of being down at the Deer District is the camaraderie of everyone rooting for the Bucks.

"Yeah, it's being here with everybody for the Bucks to win of course," said Chavez.

"Even two years ago when we were in this position it was never this crazy, so it's definitely awesome," said Krause. 

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