Brown Deer Police Officer Charged for Shooting Man in the Back

A Brown Deer Police Officer was charged with aggravated battery on Friday.

According to the criminal complaint, the charges are in relation to an incident that occurred on March 14.

A man became angry when he was told the new transit policy required an M-card in order to receive transfers.

He engaged the driver in an argument.

The driver continued along her route until she saw two Brown Deer squad cars. She pulled over the bus and honked.

Surveillance video shows the officers respond to the bus and board the bus.

The man allegedly used vulgar language during the conversation and refuses to comply with the officers’ instructions to leave the bus.

The complaint goes on to say the man never threatened anyone on the bus nor did he display a weapon.

After a few minutes, the officers removed the man from the bus.

The man began to physically resist being handcuffed.

He fell to the ground along with the two officers.

The video then shows the man rolled over onto his stomach and then a single gunshot is fired.

According to the criminal complaint, Officer Devon Kraemer told investigators she struck her knees forcefully in the ground when she fell.

He began struggling and she said she was unable to gain control so she drew her firearm.

According to the complaint, she had a baton, pepper spray, taser and a handgun.

According to the complaint, she drew the gun and fired it once into the man’s back.

She told police she did it because she feared for her safety.

The man lost part of his lung due to the shooting. 

Brown Deer Police said in a statement: "As with any officer involved shooting, the Brown Deer Police Department recognized that criminal charges were always a possibility. We fully understand and accept the need for this high level of scrutiny within the criminal justice system."

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