Brothers 'Mort and Dudley' -- red river hogs -- arrive at Milwaukee County Zoo

NOW: Brothers ’Mort and Dudley’ -- red river hogs -- arrive at Milwaukee County Zoo

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Zoo debuted Tuesday, Jan. 19, its two newest residents: Mort and Dudley! 

They're two, 5-year-old red river hogs that arrived from the Dallas Zoo. Both brothers are littermates, they'll spend their time in the former indoor elephant habitat during the winter. 

They're like any other pig species, but there are a few differences. 

"These guys are specifically from Central Africa. They live in forests an jungles and live by body's of water like rivers and lakes. Hence their name, "red," for their beautiful red coat. The river for the water and then hogs," said Ray Hren, zookeeper. 

According to the zoo, Dudley seems to be a bit more outgoing with keepers so far, but Mort is braver about investigating new areas. Dudley is the more dominant hog, but Mort seems quicker to learn new things. Keepers say both hogs seem to be quite smart and eager to participate in training sessions!

Another fun fact: the names of the two come from the movie "Harry Potter" -- Mort for Voldemort, and Dudley for Dudley. 

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