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Brothers arrested after $1.5 million THC cartridge operation discovered in Kenosha County

NOW: Brothers arrested after $1.5 million THC cartridge operation discovered in Kenosha County


KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A drug bust in Kenosha County leads to the arrest of two brothers, 20-year-old Tyler Huffhines and his 23-year old brother Jacob Huffhines. Authorities discovered more than $1.5 million worth of THC products during a search of two properties.

Sheriff David Beth calls Tyler the “ringleader of the operation.”

“We know there are other people involved in this and we are actively searching for them,” Beth said.

On Thursday the Huffhines’ home in Paddock Lake was searched, and a Bristol condo the Sheriff says was rented out under a fake name.

In the Paddock Lake home, authorities found $59,000, eight firearms and ammunition, 0.6 grams of cocaine, 10.6 grams of marijuana, nine cell phones, Xanax pills, and drug paraphernalia.

In the condo, authorities found 31,200 vape cartridges filled with THC and 98,000 cartridges unfilled. They also found 57 mason jars filled with approximately 1,616 ounces of refined liquid THC and 18 pounds of marijuana.

“They get the empty cartridges, bring them into their condo, pay 10 people to come in and inject them and then they ship them out,” Beth said. 

Many of the cartridges were disguised in packaging that mimics candy. Sheriff Beth is warning parents to be on alert. Anyone can buy the packaging online. 

"You never know what you're getting your hands onto, and you can get seriously sick from stuff on the street because it's not labeled correctly," said Sheriff Beth.

“If you, as a parent, see anything that looks like, well it’s just sour patch, it’s just cherry - it’s not candy,” he said. "It’s highly potent drugs.”

The Sheriff says the operation started in January 2018 and was brought to their attention after parents of a high school boy in Waukesha made their son go to the police with information and officers traced it back to the Huffhines.

“These parents were courageous for what they did,” Waukesha County Police Captain Dan Baumann said. “They should be commended.”

The Sheriff thinks the Huffhines’ operation could be linked to the hundreds of cases of people across the nation getting sick from vaping and even dying.

“This is not recreational,” Sheriff Beth said. “This is a major operation that deals with distribution across the country and people are getting hurt and dying from this every single day.”

As of Wednesday evening, the brothers have not been charged yet.

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LorenzoHernandez 261 days ago
It's not vaping that's the problem, but moreover the distribution of illegal substances. Vaping itself is legal. Use at your own risk.
Randallj 262 days ago
Wow, that is not "flavored" vape liquid at all... well what the heck..
MichelleHughes 262 days ago
It's called DABBING when you do THC not Vaping. Please stop feeding the trolls.
BearBoValdez 263 days ago
Maybe you need to legalize it in your state instead of dealing with this black market issue. After all, those men would have been business men in our state. Some states have leadership that's stuck in the stone ages. Looks like y'all state is one of them. Good luck on any progress in your state with the kind of leadership y'all have. LOL.
DevinRussell 263 days ago
Just legalize it and put the counterfeiters out of business.
JessiKellar 264 days ago
If it's THC Cartridges that are the problem, why are you showing images of e-cigarette devices and tanks? They aren't the issue here. Why use images that aren't even related to what the brothers were doing? This just spreads more bias amongst e-cigarette use, what you're doing is part of the problem.
JMan 264 days ago
Find a real crime to bust.
ZeCactus JMan 264 days ago
You do realise people are in hospital with severe lung issues due to these two, right?
rooks ZeCactus 263 days ago
Only 5 people have died and under 500 even sick. There are millions of people using black market carts. 5 people isn't proof, it's an anomaly. Also, you really think it was these two? You're too naive. There are thousands of people selling millions of cartridges. The solution is to make is to legalize it. Currently, the law FORCES people to buy from the black market. The very thing meant to solve it is causing it.
CurtThurston ZeCactus 261 days ago
Unless you have access to information that shows they were using vitamin E acetate or another oil as a carrier fluid in the cartridges then there's no connection between these two, their cartridges and the people who died of lipoid pneumonia. Vaping didn't cause those deaths, homemade carts didn't cause it, oils that were added to the carts did.
LindaMiskanis 264 days ago
Stellar 🌟 Job Law Enforcement
rooks LindaMiskanis 263 days ago
This comment has been removed.
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