Human milk dispensary now available in Brookfield

NOW: Human milk dispensary now available in Brookfield

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Mother's milk protects newborns from illness and allergies.

A Brookfield Pharmacy is making sure women who can't breastfeed are getting their babies the same benefits.

"Learning that this was an option was kind of a lightbulb moment. Wow, there's a safe way that human breastmilk can be provided to the community."

MD Custom RX is opening a mother's milk bank.

Some women can't breastfeed after giving birth because their babies are premature, or mom is sick, or has low milk production.

Pharmacist Monica Zatarski says interested parents need a note from their doctor, pediatrician, or midwife to buy donated breast milk.

"It can be used to supplement and you're still introducing all the infection-fighting and immune-boosting properties that breast milk is known for. You can't manufacture that or make it available in formula."

The dispensary is holding a ribbon cutting on Friday.

For more information including how to donate, click here

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