Brookfield Square and Bayshore Malls to Be Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Mall staff said they don't remember the last time the mall was closed on Thanksgiving.

They said for many years, stores have been opening earlier and earlier.

Both Brookfield Square and Bayshore malls will be closed the entire day.

Owners of the malls said they want employees and shoppers to spend a little more time with family on thanksgiving.

Other malls in our area like South Ridge, Pleasant Prairie Outlets and Johnson Creek Outlets will be open on Thanksgiving starting at 6 pm and will close at either 1 or 2 the following morning.

Mall management said they have seen a really positive response already.

"You know we got a lot of feedback from both mall employees, shoppers, retailers, you know, they want to be with their families this year, so we wanted to kind of capture that magic, let people be with their families and then have an exciting day on Black Friday," said Amy Siegel, business development for Brookfield Square Mall.

Brookfield will open at 6am on Black Friday.


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