Brookfield McDonald's employee accused of throwing cookie holder, fries after being told to work in kitchen

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A former McDonald's employee is facing charges after investigators say she threw a cookie holder and fries when she was told she had to work in the kitchen during her shift. 

DaShanae Hargraves, 17, is charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property. 

Brookfield Police say they were called to the McDonald's on Bluemound Road around 4:30 for a report of an employee refusing to leave and kicking and throwing things inside the business. 

When officers arrived, the restaurant's manager said Hargraves became upset when she was told she had to work in the kitchen for her shift. The manager said she refused to work in the kitchen and she was told she would either work in the kitchen or be fired. The manager told police that Hargraves then became belligerent, swearing at other staff members and threatening to "destroy the place down." The manager told Hargraves she was yelling loud enough that other customers were beginning to leave the business and asked her to leave. 

The manager said at that point, Hargraves refused to leave and instead threw a glass cookie holder from the front ordering counter on the ground. 

Police also spoke with the kitchen manager who said Hargraves dumped french fries from the fryer onto the floor and threw several things on her way out including the glass cookie holder. He told investigators Hargraves yelled profanities and called both the manager and kitchen manager pedophiles before leaving. 

A customer inside the restaurant told police he was ordering food when a woman began yelling at the store manager. The customer told police the manager asked her several times to leave and that the woman instead began throwing and breaking items. 

Officers saw the cookie holder lying on the floor in front of the ordering counter with shattered glass and cookies around it. Officers also noticed ice cream and french fries on the floor. 

Following the incident, the manager closed down the restaurant because customers and employees were shaken up. The manager estimated the total damages and lost sales to be around $2,000. The manager also gave police surveillance footage depicting Hargraves throwing the cookie holder, hitting order place cards, and kicking a wet floor sign across the restaurant. 

When police arrested Hargraves, she told police "Yeah, I know the consequences for my actions." 

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