Broken heart? Yup, there’s an app for that

NEW YORK (CBS) — Heartbreak is never easy and sometimes your friends and family aren’t always available when you really need to talk to someone.

Now, there are apps to help you pick up the pieces when no one is around.

Julia Scinto was in a two-year-long relationship when it ended and her world started spinning

“I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I could barely focus,” she said. “I was furiously searching the internet for sanity. I think I just went into the app store and wrote ‘heartbreak.'”

Soon after she found “Mend.”

Scinto said the app went straight to work to fix her broken heart.

“Even when you first launch the app, you get an email and it reminds you to eat something,” Scinto said. “And then after that, you do like a daily training.”

Elle Huerta created the app and she says it was a personal journey for her.

“I had gone through my own breakup and I felt like my friends and family, even though they loved me a lot, they were probably sick of hearing me say the same thing over and over again,” Huerta said.

The app works by checking in with you daily, offering advice from experts and it asks you to keep a journal of your progress. You’re even greeted by Elle’s voice.

But you’re not just chatting with a computer, the app also connects you with a community of “menders” who are also suffering from heartache.

“I was able to connect with other people and give advice to other people,” Scinto said.

Another app to help heal your heart is “Rx Breakup.” It offers a 30-day guide for getting over your ex.

There’s also “Break-up Boss.” The app aims to turn your heartbreak into something positive.

And as cathartic as these apps sound, Huerta and Scinto say the technology can’t replace your friends and family, it’s there for you, when you need it.

“For anyone going through a break up, you know heart break is 24/7, everyday,” Huerta said.

Apps like mend aren’t just for women, men are also signing up.

The app is free for the first week and then you pay a fee, if you want to continue.

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