Brief soaking rain fell Sunday; no big rains in sight

NOW: Brief soaking rain fell Sunday; no big rains in sight

Sunday morning saw strong to severe storms roll through the southern half of the CBS 58 viewing area. The strongest storms moved through eastern Kenosha County where there were numerous reports of trees down and at one point over 6,000 customers were without power. Despite very heavy rain, the storms moved through pretty quickly so rain totals weren't too impressive.

With the additional rain Milwaukee saw on Sunday, we still sit at a deficit for the month of August (our wettest month of the year on average.) With just less than two weeks to go Milwaukee is about 0.60" below-average. 

There's only two chances for rain in the Ready Weather 10-day forecast and the next one arrives Tuesday, but the chance for rain is decreasing. Most weather models have a front moving through in the evening but a majority of the rain dissipates or weakens before it reaches us. 

Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to see if rain can hold together and to see when that next chance for rain arrives.

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