Brewers shortstop Jean Segura fielding planes at Mitchell

MILWAUKEE-It was just supposed to be a little fun at Mitchell International Airport Wednesday.

Southwest Airlines workers taught Brewers shortstop Jean Segura the basics of guiding planes towards the terminal.

It was also a way to bring attention to its first flight to Cancun, Mexico this month.

Segura, however, seemed to take the responsibility quite seriously.

He cracked a little smile but didn't laugh when one worker joked if the plane doesn't stop he should drop the wands and run.

He asked for repeated practice before finally attempting to field a plane himself.

He looked pretty good when the moment finally came.

He quickly followed the guidance of a pilot in the cockpit for the signal to stop.

Even though the event was billed as trading places for a day, Southwest workers think they made their point and won't be taking to the field at Miller Park.

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