Brewers series against White Sox reignites old rivalry

NOW: Brewers series against White Sox reignites old rivalry

CHICAGO (CBS 58) -- CBS 58 was the only Milwaukee station on the road with the Brewers as they take on the Chicago White Sox. Brewers fans don't like the Cubs, but as we found out the south side of Chicago is where an old rivalry comes back to life.

On paper the teams may not be evenly matched this year but the two squads go back a long time with bad blood all around.

“We hate the brewers here in Chicago. Never liked them,” said one Sox fan.

Until 1998 the Brew Crew played in the American League and bringing up the Sox still brings back memories, “I remember going up to County Stadium with my father and we have relatives up there and we would always just be back and forth with each other,” remembered one fan.

“There were some pretty intense fights in the stands. As a kid I was a little scared and intimidated to go up there but my uncle had the Brewers gear on so he always protected us,” said another.

The two teams even made baseball history in 1984 playing a 25 inning game which the White Sox won on a walkoff. This season the Brewers are doing more of the winning. The White Sox have the worst record in the majors and the Brewers have one of the best.

But despite all the old rivalry memories, there’s still one thing the two fan bases can agree on – an equal hatred of the Cubs.

The White Sox have recent history in their favor this weekend. Since the year 2000 they have a 12-3 record against the Brewers.

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