Brewers fans excited for return to Postseason

NOW: Brewers fans excited for return to Postseason

The atmosphere at Miller Park was on a whole other level Saturday, thanks to the Brewers. 

“The whole city is energized, I’m energized, it’s gonna be a fun night," said Jaron Bertelsen from Beloit. 

Crowds of fans came out early to tailgate before the game against the Detroit Tigers. They were  prepared with burgers and brats on the grill to feed their big appetites.

But what they really craved was good baseball, like Tim Sieben who traveled from California. “I’m a baseball fan at heart, and I love the Brewers, I followed them since 1970…I love baseball.”

The Uttech Family all the way from Cleveland made it nice gathering moment. “It don’t get much better than this, it’s been a blast to watch them...this is something else if they can keep going, keep winning. We’re all watching it at home together, so it doesn’t get much better than that, family and the Brewers winning,” said Cory Uttech.

Die-hard fans have predictions for the post-season.

“They’re gonna tie the Cubs for the division lead, and tomorrow Cardinals are gonna knock the Cubs down, and the Brewers are gonna clinch for the first time ever,” Sieben added.

Many fans believe the Brewers can go all the way.

“I think the Brewers come out and play well tonight, I’m looking at about a 7-2 ball game with Yelich going off. I think he makes a strong MVP run here, finishes it, pretty much seals the deal tonight, tomorrow they take care of the business, Cubs drop 1, Brewers are division champs.”

Brewers beat Tigers 6-5. 

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