Brewers changing bag policy for Miller Park in 2020

NOW: Brewers changing bag policy for Miller Park in 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Security changes are coming to Miller Park.

Starting in 2020, the team will no longer allow purses or bags with more than one pocket, unless they are clear bags.

The team is trying to speed up the security process, while keeping people safe.

One reason for the change, more people are coming to games.

“Attendance is up significantly this year, so the more people you have coming,” said Tyler Barnes, VP of Communication for the Brewers, “more bags that are coming in, the longer it does take.”

 “We pretty much know what to pull out of our pockets, but we don’t bring much,” said Lawrence Surzyn.  He and his wife Donna have visited 26 Major League Baseball parks.

Donna carries a small backpack.  “I just have my jacket, my ID, my lipstick, what am I going do?” laughed Donna.

But that bag she’s carrying won’t be allowed next year.

“Searching a bag that has a single pocket is a lot easier than searching a bag with multiple pockets,” said Barnes.

“Every time we go through, the security guys go, oh we love your bags,” said Margaret Igowski.

She and her friends all have matching clear bags.

“When you stand behind people, and they’re unzipping this one and their unzipping this pocket and their unzipping this pocket, and they look at us and say OK you’re good to go,” said her friend Sandy Bainbridge.

The team says it is making this announcement early so fans can get ready.

“We wanted to announce this now so people had the opportunity to get comfortable with it, get the knowledge of it, put it into practice if they can this year,” said Barnes.

Another way to speed up the line deals with tailgaters.  Barnes says they are encouraging tailgaters to pack up a little earlier, so there isn’t a mad dash to the gate at the first pitch.

No longer allowed in 2020

Acceptable bags in 2020

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