Brewcity Bruisers Roller Derby Home Opener

Come watch your BCB home teams: the Crazy Eights, Maiden Milwaukee, Rushin’ Rollettes and the Shevil Knevils skate for the season opener on January 17th. Tickets are available through ticketmaster!

Last season’s thrills and upsets have made us that much more eager to start this season off right. We are excited to announce the league is moving to 30-minute halves to better reflect our WFTDA procedures. That’s 20 minutes of extra play time each bout!

The Brewcity Bruisers are ecstatic to come back to the U.S. Cellular Arena, packed with die-hard fans for the 2014 season. We hope that the work we put into the league both physically and mentally will show on the track for fans old and new.

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