BREAKING: Waukesha's Lake Michigan Diversion Plan was Approved by Compact Council

Waukesha's Lake Michigan diversion plan was approved by Compact Council in Chicago.

After a thorough review process lasting more than 5 years, today was the day the city of Waukesha found out it can tap into Lake Michigan to provide residents and businesses with a safe water supply.   

Waukesha leaders say they've been working on this for more than a decade.

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The plan has been scrutinized heavily by the great lakes compact council, a group formed to review requests for Lake Michigan water diversion.

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Over the last few months people from Racine, environmental groups, and legislators from other states asked the council to reject Waukesha's plan.

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Waukesha leaders have said they have met every requirement outlined in the compact and outside pressure and opinions should not matter.

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