BREAKING: Menominee Tribe votes to approve recreational and medical marijuana usage

Menominee Tribe members have voted to approve both the recreational and medicinal usage of marijuana on tribal grounds, according to a tribal spokesperson. The Menominee completed a two-day referendum vote on Thursday.

When it came to the question of allowing medicinal usage of marijuana, 76.5% of those voting (899 people) voted yes, compared to 23.5% against (275 people). The vote on recreational usage was closer, with 57.8% voting yes (677 people) and 42.2% voting no (494 people).

Since this is an advisory referendum, it does not change existing ordinance that prohibit the use of marijuana on tribal grounds and does not impact the tribe's compliance with federal mandates concerning drug-free workplaces.

If tribal leaders want to advance the measure forward, the 9-member Legislature would need to amend the current Tribal Controlled Substance Ordinance to officially legalize the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana on Menominee grounds.

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