Breaking down Gov. Walker's victory speech

 CBS 58 spoke with Marquette Professor John McAdams on Wednesday about what Governor Walker had to say in his victory speech Tuesday night .During

his speech, the Governor touched on very broad themes involving the role of government.

While he hit on typical victory speech topics like party rhetoric and thanking people, Gov. Walker drove home the idea of reducing government dependency.

McAdams said that this was the closest thing to policy talk in the speech, but that intense policy talk isn't usually heard in this setting.

Walker also spoke about Republicans and Democrats working together.

According to McAdams, there's a chance that could happen on some issues, but unlikely on some of the more hot button issues where the two parties are clearly divided.

Walker's win last night further added to Republican control in Wisconsin. The party again gained control of both houses and the Legislature.

Some have said that Walker's speech had a very Presidential tone.

McAdams said it was a good speech for someone who wants to spend the next four years as Governor and for someone who wants to run for President.

He added that it wasn't more Gubernatorial or more Presidential leaning. 

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