Breaking Down a Snowless, but Windy and Cold End to Meteorological Fall

NOW: Breaking Down a Snowless, but Windy and Cold End to Meteorological Fall

It's starting to feel more like winter today! And right on time as Meteorological fall ends tomorrow. It will go down almost snowless, check it out: 

 Milwaukee did not pick up any snow this month (although other spots did) and last month only received a tenth of an inch. The season will likely go down 2.6" below normal on snowfall. Today, however, was another day above normal as highs pushed fifty degrees in the city. 
 By contrast, look at today's record low from 1875!! On this date, the city fell to double-digits below zero! That's the first double-digit sub-zero low of the season. A chilly mark that's possible until March 1st, per the record books. 

Here's a quick peek at the number of days each month has record lows in the double-digits below zero. Have a look:


Thankfully our weather won't be that cold... just yet. But we did have a cold front pass through today and we are feeling the chill. 

 Overnight temperatures will drop into the 30s, eventually bottoming out in the upper 20s around sunrise. Additionally, chills drop from the 20s to the teens on a brisk northerly wind. The strong winds are ramping up behind this cold front and reinforced on the edge of a high pressure bubble moving in for tomorrow. North wind will gust over 30 mph through late Monday. 
 Even though the wind will ease some, it will still be noticeable Tuesday. This already comes on colder highs in the 30s the next two days. Grab the winter gear before heading out, brrr!

So we end November on a chilly note and start December the same way. And the dry weather of this month will spill into next month as well. The first nine days of December are now on the forecast with no wet weather in sight!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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