Boys & Girls Club location in Milwaukee closing

The Daniels-Mardak Boys & Girls Club in Milwaukee will close permanently following the last day of its summer program on Friday, August 25.

The Club released a statement saying:

"It has been our privilege to provide structured programming, meals, positive role models and a safe space to local youth for more than a decade within the walls of Daniels-Mardak. We understand many families count on Boys & Girls Clubs for affordable and inspirational afterschool programs. Though Daniels-Mardak is closing, we want you to know Boys & Girls Clubs is offering the same programs your family has enjoyed over the years at 47 different locations in Milwaukee during the 2017-2018 school year."

The statement went on to say that there are plenty of other Boys & Girls Club's locations throughout the city of Milwaukee. For a full list click here.

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