Bottom Line Investigation: Bacteria levels at area beaches

WISCONSIN -- With the 4th of July weekend heading to the beach may seem like the natural choice but as we uncovered there may be more than sand and waves waiting for you. In a CBS 58 Bottom Line Report, we dig into dangerous levels of E. coli at area beaches.

Fun in the sun could make you sick, \"I wouldn't let my dog drink the water.\"

CBS 58 joined forces with, water tester Chelsea Weirich, of Zilber School of Public Health. She says \"Southshore has one of the worst beaches in the state. It's been on the list for the top ten contaminated beaches for the nation.\"

Records show Southshore had at least 6 closures from high bacteria in 2013 and 13 advisories.

Our water test found elevated bacteria. Southshore Beach posted a water advisory. Water experts say low water flow, bird poop, and heavy rains make this beach a poor performer every year.

\"When the water is too much for the deep tunnel and Milwaukee Metropolitan District can't handle it, they let out the water that is either minimally treated or untreated water into the lake.\"

But Milwaukee's most popular beach may surprise you. Records show Bradford Beach is a step up from Southshore with only 3 closures from E. coli last year and 12 advisories.

Better yet, Atwater Beach had only one closure from bacteria and one advisory last year. It's consistently one of the cleanest beaches in the last four years.

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