Bon Jovi performs the Bradley Center's last concert ever

NOW: Bon Jovi performs the Bradley Center’s last concert ever

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Bon Jovi performed the last major concert at Milwaukee’s Bradley Center Sunday night.

Bon Jovi performed the final show of the first season at the Bradley Center and now 30 years later, he’ll be the arena’s last concert ever. As fans arrived to the Bradley Center for Bon Jovi’s sold out concert, many said it was a bittersweet moment.

“You’re excited to be a part of it, but you’re sad to see a big concert location like this is gone, or going to be gone,” Fan Jennifer Kobishop said.

Fans are happy it was the legendary Bon Jovi to close the Bradley Center down for good.

“A lot of things have happened here. It’s a good last go,” Fan Shaina Klosterman said.

Sunday’s show was Bon Jovi’s sixth concert at the Bradley Center. Bon Jovi’s Crew Chief said it’s bittersweet for singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi.

“He has had a lot of great times in this place, loves the fans here. He’s going to give a couple speeches about this place, I guarantee it,” Crew Chief Michael Rew said.

Bon Jovi’s Opening Band Stereo Satellite said their excited to be part of the last show too.

“We could not be more happy to be part of history,” Stereo Satellite guitarist Mike Orlando said.

The Bradley Center has had its share of famous artists perform at the arena. They’ve had about 20 major concerts a year for the last 30 years. The Bradley Center has also hosted 1.5 million people a year for different events from concerts to Milwaukee Bucks games.

“It’s brought our community together,” VP of Sales at the Bradley Center’s Paul Jansen said. “Every part of outlet community has enjoyed sports and entertainment tonight is just a great capstone of those 30 years.”

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