Bomb Threat Called in to Pleasant Prairie Elementary School was Similar to Others made Around the U.S.

Information received by the Pleasant Prairie Police Department indicates that similar calls to the one at the elementary school have been received in communities all around the United States.

At 11:30 a.m. on Monday, May 23, 2016, Pleasant Prairie Police received a report of a bomb threat at Pleasant Prairie Elementary. The call was made by what appears to be a computer generated program.

Pleasant Prairie Elementary students were moved to a secure location away from the school and any potential danger. They were then bussed to Mahone Middle School for pick up by their parents.

Pleasant Prairie Police along with school officials then searched the premises and surrounding areas for suspicious items. None were located. The school was deemed safe at approximately 1:00 p.m. Kenosha Unified School District and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department assisted Pleasant Prairie Police during the incident.

During the event, there was a non-life threatening medical call at the school, unrelated to the bomb threat. That issue was handled without incident by Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue.

The incident remains under investigation. 

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