Body found on North 36th Street identified by Police

Medical Examiner's Office released a report on the woman whose body was found in the 5900 block of North 36th Street on August 31. 
She has been identified as 30-year-old Emily J. Hastings.
The Medical Examiner's Office said her death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose, but the final cause of death is pending additional toxicology testing.
Hastings was found with her shirt and bra pulled up to her neck. She had trauma to her face. 
No identification, purse, or personal items were found on Hastings. 
There were numerous healed, hesitation marks noted on her left forearm. 
Police were examining tire marks in the lot. 
The Medical Examiner's report cited a conversation between the office and her mother. 
Her mother said Emily had been using drugs since she was 14 and began using heroin when she was 18. 
She was released from House of Correction on Friday, according to a statement from her mother to the Medical Examiner's Office. 
She had a history of bi-polar disorder, ADHD, and a seizure disorder.
Hastings was staying with a friend in Milwaukee. 

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