Board votes to designate the Foxconn site as blighted

NOW: Board votes to designate the Foxconn site as blighted

MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Village of Mount Pleasant is one step closer to acquiring private property for the Foxconn project. 

Many people are not happy about it and expressed their anger at a special board meeting.

The board voted on Monday to designate the Foxconn site as 'blighted.' That means the door is open for the village to forcefully buy out people's property.

Some people who live in the area say the board turned its back on its homeowners.

"Boo! We are supposed to actually be a part of it. We're supposed to make a difference and they basically said it doesn't actually mean anything. They're going to proceed anywhere," said one person in attendance.

Mount Pleasant's Attorney emphasized tonight that everything being done is within the law.

Blighted may be a word that evokes certain images but as a land designation, he has said that's noit the point.

The village has offered homeowners 140% of the assessed property value which some say is a lowball.

A lawsuit has been filed looking for more money. Only one board member voted with the majority of public opinion at the meeting, saying he wouldn't go along just because a lawyer said it was legal.

"I have a conscience and when I stand before God and he says did you determine it was blighted for a legal technicality to further this project along, I'm going to tell him it's not blighted."

In a statement, the Village President said tonight's approval paves the way for the village to save millions of dollars and is one more sign of progress towards the Foxconn campus. 

After the vote, people angry with it gathered and announced they'll be doing everything they can to get new people on the board during the next election cycle. 

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