Blood Center of Wisconsin is Giving Away State Fair Tickets for Blood Donations

The Blood Center of Wisconsin is hosting its 15th Annual Declaration for Donations Blood Drive. 

And there may be an extra incentive for donating. 

People of been coming through the door since 7:00 am at the Products Pavilion.

This is the 15th year for this blood drive.

The largest call is for O Negative because it is universal but all blood types are needed.

A father and daughter were there thanking some of the donors for their donations.

Mario Higgins has a rare blood type and has been giving for about 20 years. 

His daughter, Trinity, has had three heart surgeries and needed several units of blood afterwards that came from donors.

They both know how important it is to give as well as receive and they're hoping others will hear that message too.

"Whether you have a rare blood type or not, is extremely important. If you're eligible I think people should considerate and get I donate. And every donation for a blood can save up to three lives,” said Mario Higgins.

Those who give blood today and tomorrow will receive a complimentary ticket to this year State Fair.

The event runs until 7:00 PM and then will run from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. 

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