Blizzard? Some Racinians say bring it!

Sunday morning and few people are at church. The usually busy Highway 31 is bare, except for the occasional snow plow. Slow traffic at the grocery store isn't usual for a Super bowl Sunday, but it happened. And there was virtually no one at the mall.

Like the plows clearing  roads, most people, including DJ Johnson are out shoveling snow. He does the whole street. \"All the way up and down the block. We sorta work together, we're just one big happy family along the whole block,\" Johnson said.\"

 He's lived in this neighborhood 18 years and has spent plenty a winter shoveling.

\"We've had a light winter. When I was a kid it was up this high! You couldn't even see across the street, so it's all good.\"

Better than good, actually.

\"I just think it's so beautiful. So beautiful. To see everything so white and so pure. What more can you ask for? It's the work of God,\" said Johnson.

It's a blanket of white that Racine hasn't seen this year, and a few brave families took advantage of it by heading out to the infamous hill at Lockwood Park.

\"I love it, it's just super windy up there toward the top of the hill,\" said sledder Robert Walser.

 \"We're just turning the opposite direction so it doesn't get in our face,\" said Desiree Williams, who came out to sled with her sister Jordyn and also her father.

As for more snow, these Racinians say, \"Bring it!\"

\"I definitely enjoy it. I enjoy it on the weekends, not during the week days because I have to travel a lot for work,\" said Walser.

They're enjoying it, even it it means enjoying it in small doses.

\"The only problem is it's really cold!\" said Williams.


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