Blazing Hot Times at The Waukesha Co. Fair

Late Friday afternoon, the temperature hit 90 degrees, but on the midway, it was even warmer at the Waukesha County Fair.  This is why it's important to be smart and sensible when it comes to summer heat. Plus the fact we haven't seen much of these conditions this summer.

At the fairgrounds there are a few air-conditioned buildings to seek some comfort not to mention a misting tent.  And at least through Saturday, you can bring bottled water into the grounds. Those we spoke with today say they're ready for the elements.

Common sense goes a long way in this weather. Things you can do to play it safe during the summer heat like drink lots of water. Limit your time outdoors, especially with peak heating. Wear loose fitted clothing like cotton.  And never keep a child or animal unattended in a car without air conditioning. Temperatures can soar above 100 in minutes on a day like this.

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