Blank Ballot: Nobody Running for Aldermanic Election in Pewaukee

Blank Ballot: Nobody Running for Aldermanic Election in Pewaukee

An upcoming special election in Pewaukee is missing one key thing: The candidates. 

Nobody signed up by the Tuesday deadline, so the Aldermanic seat in District 3 will be decided by a write-in vote.

     "Our clerk put out all the notices she needed to put out, and nobody came in to sign up to collect signatures," says Mayor Steve Bierce.

Bierce left the District 3 position become Mayor, leaving the Aldermanic seat empty. The council had the option to simply appoint someone, but chose against it. 

     "We all felt this was a position that needed to be voted on, not appointed to," says Bierce. 

They were hoping people would come forward, but the city clerk received no nominations. 

     "It's not the normal election routine, the normal election cycle, so I don't think people were necessarily paying attention," says Bierce. 

Potential candidates must be above 18, and live in District 3. They must also register ahead of time to be a write-in option. 

The winner will earn roughly $5,000 a year, but Bierce says it's not about the money. 

     "If you've ever complained about local government, now is your chance to do something about it," he says. 

The city is asking anyone interested in running to contact the City Clerk. 

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