"Blackout Wednesday" brings out the drunk drivers

Eat, drink, and be merry; it's kind of the mantra for the holidays. But it's the "drink" part that gave the night before thanksgiving its name, “Blackout Wednesday.”

Kelly's Bleachers prepares for the holiday rush. They're keeping stomach's and glasses full, but they're also on a sort of "drink patrol" holding back when someone has had enough. Co-owner Anthony Luchini says they are always looking out for customers.

"If somebody has too much we usually try to get them some food, some water, make sure they get home safe," Luchini said.

Sometimes that requires extra on their part. They will call cabs or friends and according to Luchini, have even taken the keys themselves.

"Even sometimes the bartenders or waitress will give people a ride home...just as long as they're not driving," he said.

Highway patrol is also watching. Sheriff Clarke warned Tuesday that more than 100 officers would be out at peak hours over the holidays, and with good reason.

"About 1/3 of motor vehicle crash fatalities involve alcohol impaired drivers," Clarke said.

Bar-goer James Johnson hopes that everyone keeps the holiday in perspective, saying family and not drinking should be top of mind.

"It wasn't made to be drunk, it was made to be thankful for what we have," Johnson said.

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