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Bill would allow lottery winners in Wisconsin to remain anonymous

NOW: Bill would allow lottery winners in Wisconsin to remain anonymous


MADISON, Wis. (AP/CBS 58) -- Two Republican lawmakers are introducing a bill that would allow lottery winners in Wisconsin to stay anonymous.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Rep. Gary Tauchen announced the bill Tuesday, about 40 minutes after Manuel Franco of West Allis appeared in a Madison news conference to reveal he had won a $768 million Powerball jackpot, the third largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history.

Current state law doesn't allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. Tauchen said in a news release announcing the bill that lottery winners often become targets of fraud, abuse, and harassment.

Franco said at his news conference that he felt a sense of paranoia after he realized he won. He says he thought somebody was behind him every day and he kept the winning ticket in a safe.

The proposed legislation prohibits the Department of Revenue, lottery administrators and the retailer who sold the ticket from disclosing the lottery prize winner’s name, address or social security number if the individual requests anonymity. More than a handful of states have similar privacy laws for lottery winners.

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Manuel Franco call me email me contact me. How to I give you my information without everyone seeing my information. There are some really bad people out there. It’s scary and I pray that you are carful!! I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories of past winners lives ruined!
Money is a evil thing and will make people do anything for it. I can’t believe you just came forward. I want to talk to you. Manuel where are you. Send me a message on my phone. I can give you my contact I info. I need help. Manuel Franco God bless you keep you safe from dangerous situations. I am in Connecticut a little state on east coast. How can iget to you!! I am not a bad person. I’ve missed out so much all I do with my life has been caring for people and children. I rather give then receive. I don’t expect anything from you. I’m just curious and saw him speaking on tv and there was something special about you it’s weird and I’m not into anything like that. Can you contact me!!! Please please.
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