Bill could legalize electric scooters before summer

NOW: Bill could legalize electric scooters before summer


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Electric scooters could be coming back to Milwaukee. 

Bird scooters arrived in Milwaukee last year but they weren't legal and were banned. However, a new bill could change that. 

A bill that legalizes electric scooters in Wisconsin is making its way through the legislature but there's an effort to push it through in time for major events in summer 2019. 

You may remember last year that electric scooter companies like Bird Scooters arrived in Milwaukee with mixed reactions. Some enjoyed the convenience they provided, but others say they're a nuisance and raised concerns that scooters could be parked anywhere. 

But the scooters were never legal in the first place. Now, a bill would legalize them all across the state. 

Representative Cindi Duchow of Delafield says the bill gives municipalities the power to tailor their policies. 

"We don't want a 'one-size-fits-all' coming out of Madison. What works in Milwaukee may not work in Madison or work in Kenosha. So every municipality is going to make their own contract with whatever electric scooter company or companies that they choose to work with and they will set the ordinances for where they can park, where they can drive, how fast they can go… and they have the right to ban them outright if they don't want them," said. Rep. Cindi Duchow (R) - Delafield. 

Representative Duchow says she's confident her bill will get through the Assembly and is hoping for a speedy process in the Senate. She says that Milwaukee wants the bill signed and put into law by Summerfest. 

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