Bike to work challenge in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE-As part of Bike to Work Week, Colectivo Coffee founder Ward Fowler led a group of cyclists in a race against legendary Formula One car driver and local Honda Dealer David Hobbs.

Both started at the Colectivo in Shorewood Wednesday morning.

The object was to see who would reach the east end of Wisconsin Avenue first.

While a friendly competition, each person had their own idea about the better form of transportation.

\"I'm all for cycling,\" Hobbs declared. \"It's very, very good, very healthy.  But, by the same token, look at me.  I'm all dressed for work.\"

\"Different people do it for different reasons,\" explained Fowler. \"I do it because it's simple and it gives me an opportunity at least twice a day to be outside and get some exercise.\" 

Ward's team of cyclists came in first by a few seconds.

Apparently Hobbs got stuck in morning traffic.


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