Big Ten, Badger fans patiently wait for season to return

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- When you love everything Wisconsin, both Saturday and Sunday mean football.

“It’s the hometown. I think we just kind of get sucked into the culture and I just love everything about it," fan Aaron Payne said.

Fans say that what’s Fall is all about.

And the Badgers are legacy for Amy Wochos. She’s a Wisconsin grad and her family has held season tickets for more than a decade.

“They just bring back great memories – going to school." she explained. "They’ve been really good the last few years, really makes us proud, really fun to watch.

Without the Big Ten, fans like Mark Henry have had to explore other options.

“I watched other college sports, other college football the past week and it just wasn’t the same," Henry said.

But knowing that the Badgers will be back, his traditions can continue.

“I know that the team is really prepped to be good this year, so I’m really excited to see how far they’ll go," he added.

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