Local democrats react to first presidential debate of 2020

NOW: Local democrats react to first presidential debate of 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A small, socially distant democratic watch party was held outside Fiserv Forum during the presidential debate Tuesday night, Sept. 29.

Those in attendance liked what they saw from Joe Biden, but they didn't think Trump gave him enough of a chance to speak.

Local democratic officials like Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett welcomed a modest crowd outside Fiserv Forum to watch the first presidential debate. 

"These debates are sort of a high wire act where you have more to lose than you have to gain," Barrett said. "You've got your core supporters and 90-percent of the people have decided. But you don't want to make a mistake."

Biden's supporters say they didn't think the president gave him much of a chance to lay out his points.

"This is like watching a couple of kids go back and forth," said Hope Joes, Biden supporter. "Primarily, Trump is like the classroom bully and then there's like the nice guy, Biden, on the right, trying to do something, but he can't because he keeps getting overstepped by the bully."

Supporters were torn on whether Biden should have challenged Trump more or if he fought back enough.

But they thought Biden did a good job standing up to a barrage from the president. 

"I think he fears Joe more than he feared his last opponent, Hillary Clinton," said Biden supporter Joseph Jackson. "He was able to kind of take her off."

Supporters hope the next debates are a little more clean, with less interruption.

"Looking forward to the next two. I think the next two, and maybe even the next one is going to tell the story."

County Executive David Crowley attended Tuesday's party and says this is not 2016.

He's confident the party can turn out their base for the election.

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