'Beyond normal human behavior': Mayor Barrett reacts to road rage incident near Sherman and Hampton

NOW: ’Beyond normal human behavior’: Mayor Barrett reacts to road rage incident near Sherman and Hampton

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- The city’s top leader spoke out about disturbing cellphone video capturing a violent incident in Milwaukee.

It was a chaotic scene at the corner of Sherman and Hampton Tuesday afternoon, May 4.

“Just shock at how someone could use a vehicle and deliberately run into another car. It just goes beyond normal human behavior. You just don’t do that," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said. 

Two women got out of the victim’s car and approached the suspect. The driver once again slammed into their car. This all happened while a baby was in the back seat of the victim’s car.

“People are not respecting other individuals and it’s deeply concerning to me," Mayor Barrett said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says this kind of behavior is an ongoing problem not just in the city but in society.

"So much of this revolves around people’s personal behavior and how they resolve their disputes.”

The suspect tries to hit one of the women who were outside the car. At the end of the video you can hear gunshots.

“There’s a dark cloud over Milwaukee," Tracey Dent said. He is a local Milwaukee activist. He says a lot of the violence stems from built up frustration. 

“We get upset and we start attacking right away. We need to start thinking about what we’re doing. We got to change the mindset of people and encourage them to think before they react.”

Milwaukee police are still investigating. The suspect in this case is a 25-year-old woman. She could face reckless endangering safety charges.

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