Bert & Rudy's Mobil to Stop Offering Full Service Gas in Kenosha

A full service gas station in Kenosha will let its tank run dry this month.

Bert & Rudy's Mobil is getting out of the fuel business to focus on their auto repair work. It's a decision met with sadness from some of the city's most loyal customers.

The gas station/garage has been around for 48 years but management says in the near future they would need big upgrades to their pump system to keep their license.

"Coming up in the year 2020 state law requires us to have secondary containment underneath our gas pumps and the piping by our gas tanks. And the cost of it was just too much. So we just decided to eliminate the gas and concentrate on the repair work," Greg Lemke, manager, said.

Customers are being directed to another Mobil station that offers full service fill-ups. But some drivers say they'll miss the connection they have at Bert & Rudy's Mobil.

"Well they're all so friendly and they give us good service and they also pump my gas for me which I never learned to do," Helen Bumpers, a regular customer, said.

Management says they're planning to end gas services in the first week of April.

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