Beaten, injured dog rescued in Milwaukee looking for forever home

NOW: Beaten, injured dog rescued in Milwaukee looking for forever home

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A dog believed to have been beaten badly is recovering tonight.

The young pup was found severely hurt on Milwaukee's north side last week. Now, she needs a loving family to adopt her.

"She's super affectionate... just wants to be pet," said Stacy Richer, the dog's foster mom. The nine-month old puppy is now named Millie.

The puppy was found on a porch off 27th and Locust by a Steve Koscak, who was working in the area. He was by a house when he heard a noise on the porch.

"There she was laying on top of some newspaper, a pool of blood, had a TV cord wrapped around her neck really tight," said Koscak.

He reached his hand out and fed the dog his breakfast of eggs and bacon, and then he put the bleeding and swollen dog in his work truck and brought her home.

"It was just so sad to see that someone could do something like this," said Steve's wife, Jeannine.

She gave the dog a bath, and the wounds in her head were so deep and severe, they realized they couldn't help the puppy on their own. They brought the dog to MADAC.

"If you don't seek care for an injury like this -- Animals are more resilient than we think but not immortal," said Dr. Libby Gutting, MADAC Medical Director.

Dr. Gutting saw Millie a couple days after she was admitted, and says they see dogs injured to her extent roughly once a week.

"Sometimes people lose their animals and can't find them for months and then they find them in terrible condition," said Gutting.

She recommends if you find a stray dog to bring it to MADAC, but in Milwaukee County, if you know or suspect an animal is being abused, call police to intervene.

The Wisconsin rescue Bullies-N-Friends requested to foster the dog. To inquire about adoption, reach out to them here.

"Anybody that has a heart, it's got to tug on your heartstrings just a little bit to see something like that. I was having a tough time sleeping that night hoping she'd be okay," said Steve Koscak.

He and Jeannine were reunited with Millie today when Richter brought her to a vet visit.

The dog is now wagging her tail, running, jumping, and licking peanut butter.

"She remembers you guys too.. do you remember them?" said Stacy in the vet's lobby. Meanwhile, Millie kissed Steve and Jeannine.

Millie's current vet thinks she was stabbed with a blunt object like a screwdriver or a knife. She has stitches on her head and on her foot where there was a gash. The swelling on her head was so severe, she had drains put in to relieve the pressure. Today, the drains were taken out.

You might never guess what this dog has been through based on Millie's puppy love. She greets everyone and is genuinely happy.

"This was clearly done by somebody, and look at her now she just wants to be loved. It's amazing," said Koscak.

Now, Millie needs a family that will love her back.

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