UPDATE: Algae at Pewaukee Lake confirmed as blue algae

UPDATE: In a post Friday morning Pewaukee Park and Recreation says that have received confirmation that the algae is in fact blue algae. Toxicity levels were still not ready.

The Department is attempting to remove the algae blooms from the area and the dam has been opened to get the water moving in hopes of diluting the issue and sending it out of the lake.

More detailed test results are expected by Friday afternoon.

The beach at Pewaukee Lake has been closed after a possible outbreak of blue-green algae.

In a Facebook post, Pewaukee Park and Recreation says they have found algae blooms near the fishing pier which seems to be moving toward the beach.

Humans and pets can experience health concerns if they come in contact or drink water contaminated by the algae. You should contact a health official if you have the following symptoms: stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, fever, muscle weakness or difficulty breathing.

The beach has been closed until they can get tests back to confirm what the issue is.

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