BBB warns shoppers to be savvy on Black Friday

An estimated 137.4 million consumers will shop over Thanksgiving weekend, how can shoppers keep their cash safe? Jim Temmer, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, joined us on live on the CBS 58 News at 4 to tell us. 

One trends Temmer talked about was the use of mobile phones. 82% of shoppers consult their phones while in a store., often looking up reviews on a product or compare prices from other stores. Temmer says doing your research is a great idea, but beware of public wi-fi. Avoid logging on to any of your banking sites or other sites with sensitive personal information. Public wi-fi is often vulnerable to thieves and fraudsters who are looking to steal your info.

The busiest stores on Black Friday are often cell phone stores and electronic stores.  Foot traffic is heaviest 2 - 4 p.m.

Some other tips from the BBB: 

Know your budget:  Know your income & expenses, estimate any extra holiday expenses like travel, entertainment, dining and charitable giving.  Spend within your budget!

Email Subscription: Many stores communicate their best Black Friday deals to people who have signed up to receive their emails. Just remember, you should never send cash or credit card information directly in response to an email you receive, even if it seems legit. It could be a phishing scam.

Email Phishing: With all the promotional emails you’ll be receiving during the holidays, scammers will be out in full force. It’s best not to click on any links in emails from senders you don’t recognize. You can also hover your mouse over links without clicking to see if the address is really taking you to where it says it is. Also, check the reply email address. The address should be on a company domain.

Gift Receipts and Warranty Information: Ask for a gift receipt that can be tucked into a gift item or card. This way the recipient can return or exchange a gift if it’s not just right. Be sure to pass along any information about returns, exchanges, repairs, and warranties to the person who will use the item.

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