BBB Warns Deceptive Mailer from Business

A company may be targeting your wallet and you may not even need their services.

The Better Business Bureau is warning about advertising material that's showing up in the mail.

It carries the name "Home Serve" and it offers service contracts for emergency repairs and replacement, and it offers homeowners insurance on their water lines.   

The bureau said the material can mislead the owner into thinking there's a problem that doesn't exist.

 “It's real, it's a real company but you may not really need their service. The important thing you need to do is check with your insurance company, check with the utility company and see if this is something that you need or not,” said Jim Timmer, BBB President Of Wisconsin.

The BBB is getting a lot of calls about this mailer. 

If you have concerns about a business and their credibility check with the bureau. 

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