Bayside Rabbi in Puerto Rico says "it still feels like a war zone"

NOW: Bayside Rabbi in Puerto Rico says “it still feels like a war zone“

A local Rabbi in Puerto Rico finally gets internet service and reaches out to CBS 58 News so viewers can see how random and destructive Hurricane Irma was, and is, six weeks after she made landfall.

"This remained here on the counter untoched," Levi Stein told CBS 58's Michele McCormack via skype while pointing to a dish drying rack in his kitchen. "Yet this fridge got completely torn out went through the glass window and landed on the porch."

Stein is trying to repair and restore his rental property.

He says most places outside of San Juan are still without power.

Locals who are helping him work on repairs say ice is being rationed and when water does arrive on store shelves, it sells out quickly.

Stein says attention to the problem has faded.

But the need is still there. 

"Don't forget about it," was Stein's reply when asked if he had any message for the people back home in SE Wisconsin. "That's what I would say to the people there. You can get lost in your day to day lives. Puerto Rico is still a part of the United States and there are good people here."

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