Bay View Coyote Causes Buzz on Social Media

CBS 58-- A coyote sighting in Bay View got neighbors attention on social media over the weekend.

Nora Lahl spotted the coyote at Morgan and Taylor Avenues around 9 Sunday morning.

“I realized it was not a dog, so I pulled over and thought he'd run away but he did not,” Lahl said. “He was not scared at all.”

From the safety of her car, Lahl took pictures and posted them on Facebook.

“To share interesting wild life and second of all to let people know they've gotta keep their pets close by,” Lahl said.

Bellana Lavaloe lives near where the coyote was spotted and says her family has seen them before. So, she keeps her two small dogs and brand new puppies close.

“They're always on leashes and someone is always watching them to make sure that they're not gonna get harmed,” Lavaloe said.

Wild life experts say urban coyotes are not uncommon. In addition to keeping an eye on your pets, it's important to make your yard undesirable for the animals-get rid of brush and anything that could be viewed as food.

“We  don't recommend feeding cats or dogs outside,” said Crystal Sharlow-Schaefer, with the Wisconsin Humane Society.

And if a coyote gets too close, you should walk way calmly or do what's called negative hazing.

“What that consists of is making loud noises, making yourself basically somewhat scary to that coyote if you're out on a walk,” Sharlow-Schaefer said.

Lahl says although her two cats are indoor pets, she will be extra cautious.

“My two-year-old will open the door every once in a while and let one out, so it gave me pause.”

For more information on urban coyotes click here.

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